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First I would like to say that it was difficult to pick three different blogs and comment on them. There a so many beautiful, interesting blogs how can I ever decide.
After searching on tags that I like (photography and poetry) I found three.
Their posts were inviting to me.

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My first canadian poem

A New Life,

A new life is this,
Tough and hard as it is.

A new world has begun,
I chased it and I started to run.

Strange as I see,
This is my way to be.

My hart flowing wild,
With joy I just embraced and smiled.

Now I chase the dream,
And float on the beautiful Canadian stream.

So what were my thoughts when I started this blog/ Wat waren mijn gedachten toen ik dit blog begon

I wanted people to see what our daily life is in Kelowna after we took the big step of leaving the Netherlands for Canada. Sure you can send a picture or talk to them on Skype but it is so much nicer to have a blog they can follow.
And because I never had a blog I was very curious to see if I could manage.

Ik wou graag aan iedereen laten zien hoe ons dagelijkse leven in Kelowna is nadat we de grote stap hadden genomen om van Nederland naar Canada te vertrekken. Natuurlijk kun je een foto sturen of met mensen praten via Skype maar het is veel leuker om een blog te hebben wat iedereen kan volgen.

About me

Hello My name is Monica.
I’m a 37 years woman married and we have two children, two cats who moved on September 1st 2013 from the Netherlands to Kelowna(Canada).                                 In June 2014 we moved to Peace River(Canada).
I build this blog a couple of months ago for my family and friends and for everybody who views my blog so that they can follow our life in Peace River Alberta.

Hallo mijn naam is Monica.
Ik ben een 37 jarige vrouw, getrouwd en wij hebben twee kinderen, twee katten en we zijn op 1 September 2013 geemigreerd van Nederland naar Kelowna(Canada).     In Juni 2014 zijn we naar Peace River(Canada)verhuisd.                                                Ik heb deze website gebouwd voor onze familie en vrienden en voor iedereen die mijn website bekijkt zodat iedereen ons leven in Peace River Alberta kan volgen.